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BEM - vindo a indústria nativa e "boffin") Da era industrial, aqui está cheio de espírito de Luta, Ambos através Da rede espaço biológico nativo espírito "boffin" VEIO a mad labs.Casa, Nome Definitivo:
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BEM - vindo a indústria nativa e boffin) Da era industrial, aqui está cheio de espírito de Luta, Ambos através Da rede espaço biológico nativo espírito boffin VEIO a mad labs.Casa, Nome Definitivo:

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1 Tutorials Maya Brazil2 GI Tutorial em Sex Jan 21, 2011 8:34 am


In this tutorial, we will be seeing how to use Global Illumination in "Brazil 'Rio' Rendering System v2.0". As well as a small information on the very useful, Brazil2 Advanced Material, which, in my scene is used to create the water in the pool.
In this scene I have tried to create a Villa Hotel, which has a whole villa area for renting. My scene has 2 types of lightings. One is of the daytime, where there is sunshine, and the other is of the night, where stars are seen and no natural light but lots of bulbs and lamps switched on. Also, for the convenience and less confusion in the reference images, I have hidden the trees that I have used in the scene.
Firstly, we will see the daytime lighting.
Place a Target Directional light based on the daytime you want to show. In my case it is high above and diagonally opposite to the main building in the scene.

Stretch its Hotspot beam to the extent that it covers the whole scene of yours, as we have to show sunlight. Given are the settings of the Directional light, which can be made:

Now press F10 and open the rendering dialogue box. In the �Assign Renderer� section, change your �Production� renderer to �Brazil r/s Rio Learning Edition�. Now switch to the �Renderer� tab. In this tab we have to make some tiny settings in 2 sections, which are the �Brazil: Luma Server� and the �Brazil: Photon Map Settings�. These 2 mainly contain the Global Illumination information for the scene. The changes which can be made in the 2 specified sections are given below:

The �Render Cache� option in the Luma Server section helps in comparatively faster rendering.
Now all you have to do is to take a camera view and Render. My final Daytime render looks like this, with the trees unhidden.
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