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BEM - vindo a indústria nativa e "boffin") Da era industrial, aqui está cheio de espírito de Luta, Ambos através Da rede espaço biológico nativo espírito "boffin" VEIO a mad labs.Casa, Nome Definitivo:
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BEM - vindo a indústria nativa e boffin) Da era industrial, aqui está cheio de espírito de Luta, Ambos através Da rede espaço biológico nativo espírito boffin VEIO a mad labs.Casa, Nome Definitivo:

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1 Tutorials LightWave 3D FX Linker em Qua Jan 26, 2011 2:19 am


by 'Deuce'
Download source
files here.

This is a real quick and dirty tutorial for linking
geometry to ParticleFX particles using FX_Linker.
We want to shoot boxes out and have them randomly

first off, let's make a box to use for our particle

In modeler, choose the box tool,
and drag out a box that will look like a very
thin brick, or a letter that you would snail-mail
as shown.

Save this as "Box" --
ohhh, the creativity shows.

so now in Layout, we need to add a particle emitter.
My favorite and preferred way to work with ParticleFX
is by way of the FX_Browser.

Find this under the "Scene" tab
at the top, and under "Dynamics" about
halfway down the left hand side. Depending on
your screen resolution, it may or may not be
under a "more" popup.

click on it and it will give you a floating control
panel for everything having to do with Particle_FX.

so we need to add a HVEmitter, and pop up it's

follow along, this is going to be a simple setup.
Make the Birth Rate 10, this will make 10 particles
per second born, and set the particle limit to

on the "Particle" tab.

Set the particle resistance
to ".2" and the life time(frame) to

on the "Motion" tab.

Set the "Z" vector
to 3m, and explosion to .8

Set the end of our scene to 150 instead of 30,
and hit the play button. You'll see particles
flying down the Z-axis.

for the meat of our tutorial. Load in the box
that we made in modeler. Remember it's name?
Box. Riiiiiiiight.

my box is a little big, so I'll just scale it
down and keyframe it at "0".

then. Right under where you found "FX_Browser" is "FX_Linker".
Launch this.

gives you the main control panel for "FX_Linker".

I'll explain the controls at
the end, because we're just interested in getting
done and seeing how easy it is.

off, make sure that your particles are the "HVEmitter" and
replace object is "Box". This is just
telling it "I want to replace the paritcles
in HVEmitter with Box".

Rotation is what state is the
particle going to be when emitted. We'd like
to have it random instead of "Non" which
is "none". So make this drop-list "random".

Pre behavior is where you can tell it, before
you are born, I want to see you or not. So, let's
have them invisible until they are born, so make
this drop-list "size dissolve".

copy -- we want to clone our box 89 times. Remember,
we set the number of particles to be 90, and
we have one already, so cloning it 89 times will
give us our total of 90.

Setting our Random Rotation
Min and Max will give it a working range to setup
the angles at which they are rotated. Set all
Min to 0, and all Max to 45. This will give the
range from 0 to 45 degrees rotation.

Random Spin Min and Max is how
much to spin during it's life. I've set these
to Min 10 and Max 80. Nice amount without getting
to heavy handed.

That's all there is to it. Click
on "OK" and your scene will be setup.

play and watch the fun!!

NOTES: There
are a few things to know about this. This linking
is a one way trip. If you want to change anything
about the rotations, or anything dealing with
the box, you will have to select all the objects
that were cloned, save one, and then clear out
it's rotations (use the graph editor, much easier)
and get rid of the motion plugin. Select the
box, then hit "M" to bring up the motion
panel and delete the 'FX_Link' plugin to clear

following is a copy/paste from the manual about
the controls in the FX_Linker control panel.

The Rotation drop-list determines
which rotation method the particle will have
when emitted. The default value, Non, has no
rotation added.

The Random option gives the
item a random starting rotation. Align to Path(h)
and Align to Path(hp) will rotate the item according
to the particle’s path.

Time shift moves the start of
the item’s sizing/rotation motion according
to the settings in the drop-list. The Non value
doesn’t alter the timing of the item’s
motion, it plays as it was originally keyframed.

Start Shift and End Shift options move the item’s
motion to the beginning or end of the particle’s

The Start Adjust (distance)
and End Adjust (distance) settings will alter
the frame rate of the motion according to the
value in the Distance/Sec field. As the particle
travels a certain distance, a percentage of the
motion is animated.

The Pre and Post Behavior settings
indicate what the item’s rotation/scaling
state will be when the motion isn’t being
animated. This represents the time before the
particle is born and after it dies.

Stay behavior will hold the first frame of the
motion for the Pre Behavior and the last frame
with the Post Behavior. The Original setting
returns the object to its original state in either
the beginning or ending of the animation. The
Size Dissolve setting will dissolve the item
in either the beginning or ending of the particles
life. So in the Pre Behavior, while the particle
is waiting to be generated, it’s not visible.
Then for the Post Behavior, after the particle
dies, it becomes invisible.

Size effect applies the particle
size to the object. The object’s normal
layout size becomes a factor where 0 = 0% and
1 = 100%. You can animate an overall size of
particles using normal layout sizing functions.

Make key will make a keyframe
of the related particle motion on every frame—take
care using this option because created keyframes
don’t go away when you uncheck this option.
You sometimes need Make key because the movement
of the linked object is only apparent. Internally,
the object is still at its keyframed position.

I hope this has been helpful,
and you now understand how to use FX_Linker.

Thanks for your attention.
If you'd like to contact Deuce, send email to: [Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver este link.]

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