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BEM - vindo a indústria nativa e "boffin") Da era industrial, aqui está cheio de espírito de Luta, Ambos através Da rede espaço biológico nativo espírito "boffin" VEIO a mad labs.Casa, Nome Definitivo:
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BEM - vindo a indústria nativa e boffin) Da era industrial, aqui está cheio de espírito de Luta, Ambos através Da rede espaço biológico nativo espírito boffin VEIO a mad labs.Casa, Nome Definitivo:

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1 Tutorials LightWave 3D Layout Basics: Logo Animation em Qua Jan 26, 2011 2:20 am


by Gildardo Triana Jr.
NewTek Technical Support

Animated logos show up just about everywhere
from Commercials, TV shows, to Movies.
They can also be easy to create using LightWave®.
For our animation we will load a logo into
the layout and have it spin then we will give
it a nifty lens
flare that will pulse.

Part 1

1 - Launch

2 - Load in
a Logo, for this tutorial I will be using the "LightWave®Logo.lwo" file
found under the OBJECTS>Logos folder. But
this tutorial could be done with any one-piece
object file.

3 - To start
select the logo and move your keyframe slider
to frame 60.

4 - With the
logo still selected click on the ROTATE tool
under the ITEMS tab. In the lower left corner
click in the number field for
the Heading and type in a value of 360 and press

5 - Click on
the CREATE KEY button , is should be ready to
make a keyframe at frame 60 click OK.

Now if you press the PLAY arrow
in the lower right corner of the interface you
will see that we now have a spinning logo that

NOTE: Since
we keyframed from 0-60 the playback give us
a 2 second rotation.

6 - Before
we move on lets go ahead and set Logo so that
it makes one rotation in 1 sec and holds for
1 second. We already know that we have enough here for two second of
play , so all we need is to condense the current
motion down to 30 frames. To do this we will
use the SCENE EDITOR located under the ITEMS

7 - Within
the Scene Editor we have a list of all the items
in the scene. Select the logo from the list and
then click on SCALE KEYS located near the upper-right
corner of the Scene Editor. From the drop-down

8 - We want
to scale all the frames we have so for LOW FRAME
enter 0, for HIGH FRAME enter 60.

9 - Now for
the field labeled SCALE TIME BY the 1.0 value represents 100%. Since our goal
is to bring his down to 30 which is half(50%)
the number of frames we currently have we can
enter a value here of .5

This will give us a rotation
that is complete at frame 30 and then the logo
will hold from that point on.

Part 2

Now let's add a lensflare that
will grow then fade away.

1 - Under the
ITEMS tab go to ADD then ADD LIGHT and choose
a point light. Call the light Flare.

2 - Leave
it at the default position and open the ITEM
PROPERTIES panel with the Light selected..

3 - Activate the LensFlare and
open the Lens Flare Options panel. In order to
give the animation a little something extra we
are going to animate the intensity of the Lens

4 - To do this
click on the E across from FLARE INTENSITY this
will launch the Graph Editor and allow you to
keyframe the intensity value. (the E represents
an envelope which allows us to keyframe functions
that otherwise have no variable representation
in the interface.)

5 - In the
Graph Editor we have some tools located at the
lower left corner as indicated below. Of these
tools select the CREATE KEY tool ( the little
icon of a key with a plus next to it)

There should already be one
keyframe at 0. You will need to add four more
keyframes at frames 20,30,45 and 60. Do not worry
about the value or about putting them exact at
the frames. We will adjust this in a moment.

6 - Here under
the CURVES tab we have a FRAME field this will
allow us to adjust the position of a selected keyframe in the graph, below this we have a VALUE
field which
will allow us to change the intensity of the
flare for the frame. You will need to select
the frames one by one and adjust the value (and
frame position if any of them are off)

With the MOVE tool selected
in the graph editor, select
frame 0 in the graph then click in
the VALUE field enter 0 and press "Enter" .

7 - Enter the
rest of the values in the same manner:

FRAME=30 , VALUE=100
FRAME=45 ,
FRAME=60 ,

Once these are entered close
this Graph Editor.

8 - With the Lens Flare Option panel
still open enable GLOW BEHIND OBJECTS. Then
close the panels.

Part 3

1 - Now we are ready to create an animation
file. Under the CAMERA tab click on Anitaliasing
(found near the bottom of the list under ANTIALIASING)
and set the value to Low.

2 - Along the
left side of the interface near the top there
is a button labeled RENDERING click on it from
the drop-down select RENDER OPTIONS.

Go ahead and turn on Raytrace
for Shadows,Reflection,Refraction,and Transparency.

Also set the Show Rendering in Progress to OFF, and
Render Display to NONE.

3 - Now in
the Render Options panel select the tab labeled
Output Files. Here we will define what kind of
file we are saving and where we will save it

4 - Under Output
files we will set the type of file. If you are
on a PC choose AVI if you are on a MAC chooes
MOV from the list. At this point you can also
click on the options button just below the type
category this will allow you to pick a compression
mode. Once this is done click the SAVE ANIMATION
check box. This will bring up a requester that
will allow your to designate a name for the file
and a location to save it to.

5 - Now you are ready to start rendering.
To do this either go back under RENDERING and
choose RENDER SCENE or press F10 on your keyboard.

There ya go, Happy Rendering!
Watch the Video or Download
Source Files Here

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