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BEM - vindo a indústria nativa e "boffin") Da era industrial, aqui está cheio de espírito de Luta, Ambos através Da rede espaço biológico nativo espírito "boffin" VEIO a mad labs.Casa, Nome Definitivo:
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BEM - vindo a indústria nativa e boffin) Da era industrial, aqui está cheio de espírito de Luta, Ambos através Da rede espaço biológico nativo espírito boffin VEIO a mad labs.Casa, Nome Definitivo:

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1 Tutorials Poser Welcome to the 'Render Studio For Poser 6 Tutorial page3 em Ter Jan 25, 2011 7:59 pm



Lets take a look at the 'Image Based Lights' (IBL's).

IBL's are a diffuse light that has an image attached to it as a
material node. The images that are attached contain color information
and light intensity information. This information is calculated by
Poser and used as a light that casts the color and intensity of the
image used. The type of image used for these IBL's are called light

I have included 10 IBL light sets in Render Studio. They are included
as a set with a shadow light and a set without a shadow light.

You can mix these with other lights for a much more realistic effect (Poser 7 and PoserPro Only).

The image below uses an IBL light, a Key R light and a specular light.
When the lights are blended together like this an effect of realism is
achieved. 'Ambient Occlusion' has also been added with the 'Ambient
Occlusion' editor by 'ShaderWorks' which is included with Render Studio.

We will look at the 'Ambient Occlusion Editor' later in this tutorial.

The four images above show examples of the 10 IBL lights included in Render Studio.

The four images below show examples of the 'Projector' light used with IBL's.

The four images below show examples of the 'Background' lights used to project gels.

About The Advanced Ambient Occlusion Editor

Created by
'ShaderWorks' and available as part of Render Studio For
Poser,"Advanced Ambient Occlusion Editor' is the backbone of creating
realistic images of Poser figures with Render Studio.

There are two ways to use Ambient Occlusion in Poser. One way is to use
ambient occlusion on your lights. This way usually gives a very poor
result and produces renders with 'artifacts'. Usually dark lines or
smudges. Plus it will add ambient occlusion to the entire scene which
you may not want.

The second way is to use an ambient occlusion material node on the
parts of your figure or scene that requires it. This is obviously very
time consuming to set up as you have to load and set up the node on
each material that you wish to render ambient occlusion.

Ambient occlusion will add a shadow like detail in area's that do not
usually recieve shadow with the Poser render engine. For example: For
many years Poser had a big problem with 'glowing nostrils' because the
render engine did not cast a shadow in tha area. This is just one small
benefit of using AO.

You should read the 'Advanced AO Editor.PDF' document that is included
in the Render Studio package to learn all about using AO and the editor

Below are two renders. The top one has not been rendered using the
'Advanced AO Editor' and the bottom one has. The bottom one was
rendered with the default AO settings generated by the editor.

Without AO

With AO

It is clear that the
bottom image has much more realism and impact. Notice the non glowing
nostrils and the subtle shading between the lips and the area in and
around the eyes.

It is up to you to decide where to add the AO node using Advanced AO Editor but here is what I used for the above render.

I used 'All' V4 materials except:

Eye Surface

I added AO to the Paper Cove but it has no effect in this render. In
full length renders it will give a nice realistic shadow where the feet
touch the floor of the Paper Roll, preventing the figure from looking
like it is floating.I added no AO to the hair at all as this speeds up
render times dramatically.

You MUST use 'Ray Tracing' in the render settings in order to use ambient occlusion.

Here is a screen shot of the high quality render settings used in Poser 6 to create a render like this.



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